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At AprilDermal, we offer a wide range of professional and personalized esthetician services designed to enhance your natural beauty and promote a sense of overall well-being. April, being a skilled esthetician, is committed to providing exceptional care and delivering tailored treatments that address your unique skincare concerns.

With our expertise and passion for skincare, we offer a comprehensive menu of services that encompass both traditional and innovative techniques. Whether you're seeking a relaxing or rejuvenating facial, we have the perfect solution for you. Our goal is to ensure you leave our spa feeling refreshed, renewed and radiating with confidence.

Facials, SPA Girl , Jet Plasma Treatment Menu Below.


Time to discuss all your ideas or concerns.

AprilDermal Consultations are the perfect way to talk about your problematic areas and concerns while we address any contraindications to any treatment plans. We are happy to discuss, in depth, any treatments you are interested in. We reserve the time to answer all your possible questions while educating you on the right services for your skin type. 

30 minute time slot for $35.


Based on your skin type, concerns and contraindications, enjoy a relaxing facial with a double cleanse, exfoliation, mask, moisturizer and SPF tailored to your skin. 

AprilDermal Basic: 

Get back to the basics and revel in a relaxing and educational facial. Let’s get down to the epidermal layers with AprilDermal. We teach the basics to take your at home skin care routine to the next level. This includes double cleanse, exfoliation, masks, serums, moisturizer and SPF skincare.

Enzymatic Scrub

Get rid of that unwanted dead skin! Refresh and glow with a double cleanse that includes a steam resurfacing exfoliation scrub removing unwanted layers with an ultrasonic spatula. The scrub is followed by a hydrothermal enzyme mask, LED, hydrating antioxidant jelly mask, a moisturizer and SPF.

AprilDermal Hydrating Facial

Give back to your number one organ, AprilDermally! This Hydrating Facial includes a double hydrating cleanse with cool mist, Lumienzyme exfoliation, blue LED treatment, High Frequency- to oxygenate the skin, nourishing mask, hyaluronic acid serum, hydrating moisturizer and SPF. 


Vita C & B Brightening Facial 

Get ready to glow after this vitamin filled facial! 
Mandelic cleanser, accompanied by a Lumienzyme mask, green LED treatment followed with a hyperpigmentation treatment, vitamin C & B complex serum with ultrasonic spatula. This Brightening Facial ends with an active vitamin lift with Swiss apple stem cells finishing with a hydrating moisturizer and SPF.

Acne-Targeting Facial 

This facials begins with a BHA cleanse following a micro powder exfoliation with steam, desincrustation with extractions leading into a volcanic active and high frequency treatment to kill P. Acne bacteria in the follicle or pores. We finalize the facial with antimicrobial mist finishing with a gel-based BHA hydrating moisturizer and SPF. 

AprilDermal Anti-Aging Treatment 

It’s time to treat yourself. Let’s give that epidermis some love. Hydrating double cleanse with light lymphatic drainage, multi vitamin power ampoule exfoliation, extractions, High Frequency treatment, bentonite clay mask followed by red LED, vitamin lift, hyaluronic acid, then AGE repair cream with glorious peptides, stem cells, and amino acids that help protect and slow the process of collagen breaking down. This treatment ends with hydrating moisturizer and SPF. 

Spa Girl International

PowerDerm® Kinetic Dermabrasion™ is the industry leader in Advanced Patented Resurfacing Technology. Spa Girl® invented the first resurfacing system that can Trigger 88 Epidermal, Dermal, Blood & Lymphatic Responses within minutes into a treatment session

PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion Resurfaces the Outer Layers of the Epidermis; it triggers a metabolic response by the Fibrocytes that permeate the entire dermis layer, to activate and turn into secreting fibroblasts.

These Fibroblast secrete Collagen & Elastin Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Dermal Matrix Ground Substance, our thickening, tightening, strong, young beautiful skin of our youth.

Lymphatic System: When we are young, Fibroblasts regularly secrete, but as we age this process begins to slow, become sluggish, and fires less often because of the lack of lymphatic blood nutrients; hence, the thinning of our check line, sagging jawline, and the awful impressions wrinkles that never leave.  

PowerDerm Resurfacing & Lymphatic Treatments solve this inherent issue with multiple treatments per week allowing new thickening agents and new skin cells to take the place of the old and aged. Without the combination of resurfacing and lymphatic fluid plus the ability to perform multiple treatments per week we would not be able to accomplish this level of skin regeneration.  We must have all of it to Spin Back Time.

Spa Girl Treatment Menu

Specialized proprietary crystals can be used to target specific concerns.

Face & Neck: Single Tx $40. Four Txs $120

Eyes/Crowsfeet: Single Tx $20. Four Txs $60

Lips: Single Tx $10. Four Txs $30

Declotte: Single Tx $40. Four Txs $120

Arms: Single Tx $40. Four Txs $120

Hands: Single Tx $10. Four Txs $30

Buttock/Hips: Single Tx $50. Four Txs $150

Back/Shoulders to waist: Single Tx $50. Four Txs $150

Stomach: Single Tx $70. Four Txs $210

Legs: Single Tx $70. Four Txs $210





"Surgery-Free Facelift"

"We'll do just about anything to get wrinkle-free skin, but before you botox or try expensive facelifts, you may want to try the latest wrinkle fighter from Spa Girl. It will fill and plump the skin with Collagen and Elastin. It gives the appearance of having a mini-facelift after having one of these treatments."


Jet Plasma Treatment

No Down Time, No Pain, No Numbing, Safe For ALL Fitzpatricks, Incredible Results After One Treatment 14.8% Increased Laxity After One Treatment.

Jet Plasma is the most advanced plasma technology available. The Jet Plasma contains 3 different plasma gases: CAP (Cold Atmospheric Plasma), J Plasma, and Ozone Plasma. It is used to tighten the skin, diminish wrinkles, diminish hyperpigmentation, treat acne, scarring, stretch marks, and aid in product absorption that otherwise would not be possible without needle injection. 

The Jet Plasma Pen is a handheld device that uses cooler atmospheric temperature, so it does not create surface trauma like traditional fibroblast plasma devices.

What can be treated?

*Wrinkles *Hair Loss *Stretchmarks *Acne - active and scars *Hyperpigmentation / Melasma *Excess Skin due to loss of elasticity *Eczema, Psoriasis & Rosacea *Intimate Lightening

$299 and up

Add On Services

Add any of these services to your facial.

High Frequency $15

Aroma Therapy $6

LED Light Therapy $45



Spa Girl Add on $30-$70

Turn Any Facial Into A Back Facial $50


Before and After pictures of Spa Girl Magic and previous work. Click through the gallery for full photo before and after's. Jet Plasma photos coming soon.

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